ksenia bilyk

self-shooting music video director, producer & photographer.

currently based in berlin.

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hi, my name is ksenia. i am a ukranian artist.
for the past 13 years i lived in germany and am currently based in berlin.

i specialise in music videos, short films & cinematic commercial content.
i can shoot on arri alexa, canon & sony a7.
i work with analog film when i take photographs.

last year i shot my first short film 'princess peach'.
it will soon be available to watch online and screened on upcoming festivals.

before i found my true passion in filmmaking, i worked as a fashion photographer & art director creating high quality branded content, high end photography, 360 campaigns.

having gained experience in various creative industries, exploring film as a new medium
feels like a natural step up in my career.

let us create together!